Friday, July 17, 2009


5-7 Strathalbyn St (Harp Strip), Kew East

Ph 9859 6471

This is my local pizza place. On a Thursday if SPOT doesn’t meet, this is where I eat.

Its instructive to see what a pizzeria offers away from the charged atmosphere of Melbourne’s inner north. I like it. Vicky’s décor is kinda mid eighties inspired pastelish inoffensive, functional with rather too bright lighting. But its in a really cool old double storey building. Whoever occupies upstairs with its deeply recessed verandah is lucky.

The restaurant has a dedicated clientele of canny baby boomers. Nothing fancy but a proper family run restaurant conscious of and attending to all the things a restaurant should. Quality food, a serviceable bar and friendly, polite service without pretence.

Selecting a vego pizza is easy – it’s the one called “Vegetarian” (notwithstanding the Margarita). It’s pretty tasty, lots a mushroom, cheese and capsicum on an agreeable base. (Although I note my housemate ordered a takeaway pizza the other day that had a too doughy base). The wine list stands out for value with a $3 house wine. But, life is too short to waste time with this given that for $4 you can have a glass of decent bottled wine.

All in all I’m proud Vicky’s is my local pizza restaurant and happy to recommend it to anyone visiting Kew East.

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