Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cafe Romantica

52 Lygon St, Brunswick

The regularity of SPOT meetings (and perhaps reviews) has taken some hits from the Melbourne winter, but a dedicated few made it to Cafe Romantica (Lygon St, East Brunswick) last Thursday to keep the pulse beating.

Romantic in name only (the tiled floors and laminex tables perhaps don't recommend it for secret rendevous or first dates), it's nonetheless cosy and welcoming - good if you find yourself waiting da sola for the rest of your crew to straggle in (Sorry, Nyc).

Unfortunately the pizza rating hasn't made it to committee yet, but in this humble Spotter's opinion, the base was nice and chewy, the toppings better than standard, and there was a good vego range. This can be extended by the addition of extras to any pizza - something a lot of other places won't allow. The home-made gelato counter was too hard to ignore, and though we don't usually venture into the business of dessert, the liquorice is a goer.

All in all, Cafe Romantica is cheap, cheerful and comfortable. Sounds like a perfect first date to me.

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